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It’s generally understood in today’s diet and fitness culture that a poor diet is harmful to your health. The “diet detox” has become a highly popular method of ridding the body of harmful toxins and food addictions to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. When done in a healthy way, a diet detox can improve your health and help you lose weight. A medically assisted diet detox is the safest and most effective way to cleanse the body and develop a nutrition plan to maintain weight loss and clean living.

The Dangers of Doing a Detox On Your Own

Self-monitored detoxes are all over the internet. Juicing, tea, lemon water, and all kinds of extreme ideas can be found with a simple internet search. But there is a danger in trying to do this on your own. In many cases, self-monitored detoxes are ineffective. Extreme detox diets can also threaten your health. Without the help of a medical professional, diet detoxes can lead to vitamin deficiencies, muscle breakdown, blood sugar problems, a weakened immune system, and more. Individuals who are pregnant or nursing, as well as those with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and certain digestive conditions, are particularly at risk of experiencing dangerous effects from trying a self-monitored extreme detox diet.

Choose a Medically Assisted Diet Detox

The best way to cleanse your body of toxins, kickstart a weight loss program, and boost your health and well-being is to do a medically assisted diet detox. Using science-based nutrition, Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, can create a personalized detox plan for each patient who fits their current health, genetic profile, and lifestyle. Here at Vitality, your detox plan may include cutting out many foods, following a short-term liquid diet, using cleansing supplements, and/or other methods to flush out the buildup of toxins. With the help of a medical professional, your detox will be tailored to your needs and will continue to provide necessary nutrients for your health while also providing the desired cleansing benefits. Your medical detox with Vitality may last several days or weeks based on your needs. Afterward, a personal nutrition plan will be provided to help you maintain your new, cleaner body and lose the weight you desire. This medical weight loss program can help you further the benefits of your detox with successful weight loss. With a medical detox diet plan, you can safely reap the benefits of detoxing and see the detox weight loss results you desire.


“One size fits all” has never been true about clothing, nor is it true when it comes to dieting. The diet that works for one person may never work for another. Too many people struggle to find a diet that works for their needs. Medical weight loss programs are designed to help you target the cause of your weight gain and create a customized meal plan to help you not only lose weight but to also maintain a healthy and stable body weight long term.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss refers to medically assisted weight loss programs based on customized meal plans. This should not be confused with bariatric surgery, which triggers weight loss by physically adapting the size of the stomach so that the body can only consume a small amount of food. Instead, medical weight loss is a program or method formulated to help you achieve weight loss through lifestyle changes based on your body’s needs. The unique collection of nutrients and hormones that work together in your body determine how you maintain your weight. Where traditional diet plans may fail, a medical weight loss meal plan could be exactly what you need to achieve weight loss without surgery.

Medical Weight Loss With Vitality

Individuals who seek to achieve major weight loss and have been unable to do so with traditional dieting should contact our medically supervised weight loss clinic about customized medical weight loss plans. Vitality Medical & Wellness Center can guide you through learning to understand your body and its nutritional needs. At our clinic, we will take a careful account of your medical history, hormone levels, current body fat percentage, metabolic rate, blood pressure, and water weight to help identify what has been preventing you from losing weight. This information also provides baseline measurements and makes it possible to create a customized weight loss diet plan complete with meal and lifestyle recommendations to help you lose weight, push through weight loss plateaus, and see dramatic results.

Food education teaches about the food you are eating and how it affects your body’s ability to lose weight. A medical weight loss diet menu based on your individual needs will educate you on proper serving sizes and food choices for your body. This knowledge can help you succeed in losing weight and help you maintain a healthy weight for years to come. By following your personalized diet plan, using our medical weight loss supplements and/or appetite suppressants, and relying on the emotional support of your guiding medical professional, you can break the cycle of food addiction in a safe, healthy, effective, and carefully monitored way. Our medical weight loss specialists can help you through your journey toward a healthier body weight and a more active lifestyle.

Most weight loss diets and detoxes don’t work long-term, and many are hazardous to your short- and long-term health. For a diet detox that is safe and effective, come to Vitality Medical & Wellness Center. Our specialists can put together a customized diet detox and weight loss plan just for you. To start your journey today, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN. Please call (702) 660-4968 or fill out our online contact form to request your appointment.

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