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The VITALITY Difference

Beach with "BODY MIND SPIRIT" written in the sandVitality Medical & Wellness Center provides comprehensive care to help our patients live healthy and happy lives. Our goal is to provide vitality and wellness to each of our patients, meaning we help them achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit to improve their overall quality of life. We focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and overall patient well-being through healthy lifestyle adjustments tailored to the individual. Our services include health assessments, diagnosing (such as food allergy and sensitivity testing and telometry testing), and managing illnesses and chronic conditions. Vitality was established in 2009, and our practice has significantly grown by word of mouth from one satisfied patient to the next.

Quality Care

Our caring and qualified staff put customer service first to create a friendly atmosphere where patients feel respected and comfortable. Cristy Thomas is the owner and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) at Vitality Medical & Wellness Center. She is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC) and is also licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) by the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Dr. Thomas, DNP, APRN genuinely cares for her clients and does everything she can to help them be happy and feel their best. Her extensive training and experience allow her to develop a personalized plan to meet the specific needs of each patient.

A Customized Treatment Plan

The majority of day-to-day health care given by a primary care provider is very generic, and patients can often be treated like just another number in the system. Unlike many primary care facilities, Vitality develops a customized treatment plan that is unique to each patient and follows up to ensure it is effective. Dr. Thomas, DNP, APRN takes the time to get to know her patients on a personal level by listening to their problems and thoroughly discussing their goals with them. By gaining an understanding of their current lifestyle and needs, she can treat the whole person rather than just their isolated symptoms. Once she develops and explains their treatment plan, Dr. Thomas, DNP, APRN always requests that her patients return within four to six weeks to make sure the course of treatment is improving their condition and overall quality of life. If it is not, the course of action can be further customized until wellness is achieved. Sometimes all it takes is a little change to make a big difference.

Whether you’re fatigued, stressed, depressed, have aches and pain, or are just not feeling like yourself, Dr. Thomas, DNP, APRN can be the change you need to become energetic, happy, and full of life again.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Thomas, DNP, APRN at Vitality Medical & Wellness Center today! Call (702) 731-1200, email, or fill out our online information request form.

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