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ProLon® Diet in Las Vegas

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Wading through the sea of diet tips, fads, and weight-loss programs can be difficult, discouraging, and downright frustrating. All people are built differently, and their bodies gain and lose weight just as diversely. That’s why you should seek professional help when you are considering losing weight. At Vitality Medical & Wellness Center, we mix science, heart, and health to tailor-craft weight-loss plans for each patient.

The revolutionary, science-backed ProLon® diet may just be the plan you’ve been looking for to help you shed those pounds and slow the aging process.


What Is the ProLon® Diet?

The ProLon® diet combines the regenerative benefits of fasting diets with the calories and nutrients you need to stay happy and healthy. It is a five-day dietary program that can improve cholesterol and inflammation. Clinical studies from some of the world’s leading universities have shown that ProLon(R) helps in weight loss as well as maintaining healthy levels of several blood markers. Safer than water-only fasting, ProLon® ensures that you eat a balance of proteins, carbs, and fat. The ProLon® diet is proven and doesn’t require the long-term lifestyle changes of other programs.

How Does the ProLon® Diet Work?

In 2015, a study was published that supports the idea that fast-mimicking diets can slow aging, improve metabolism, decrease bone loss, improve cognitive function, and extend aging. The ProLon® diet works on a similar basis, using a Fasting Mimicking and Enhancing™ Diet (FMED™) to increase the rate of your metabolism and improve the effects of aging. By reducing protein and glucose signaling, you stimulate metabolic reprogramming and cellular regeneration, lower insulin levels, and decrease cellular inflammation. By targeting the metabolism, you improve weight loss. Normalizing glucose levels improves cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and reduces your risk for diabetes.

Am I a Candidate for the ProLon® Diet?

Many different patients can achieve outstanding results using the ProLon® diet, including:

  • Patients who wish to improve their well-being
  • Overweight patients looking to manage their weight
  • Patients with chronic health problems

The ProLon® diet should be approved, administered, and monitored by a medical professional to ensure that you are healthy enough for the diet and that you are receiving adequate nutrition throughout the process. Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN oversees the dietary treatments of all her patients to ensure they are receiving the proper care and diet for them.

What Does a ProLon® Diet Entail?

The ProLon® diet is a comprehensive meal plan consumed over five consecutive days every one to six months. You shouldn’t consume any food that is not in your plan or additional liquid other than water. You can resume your regular, healthy diet following your transitional diet after five days. High-risk patients would benefit most from engaging in the program three to 12 times a year, while low-risk patients only require the plan two to three times a year.

If you are interested in seeing if the ProLon® diet or another dietary option is right for you, schedule your consultation today. Contact our office at (702) 731-1200 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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