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Bringing A Personalized Approach to Your Health Care in Las Vegas, NV

Bringing A Personalized Approach to Your Health Care in Las Vegas, NV

Functional Medicine, Primary Care, Hormone Replacement, and Medical Weight Loss

Led by Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, Vitality Medical and Wellness Center offers a patient-centered approach dedicated to providing overall wellness by determining and addressing the root cause of your health concerns. We strive to help our patients improve how they feel and function inside and out.


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We treat the whole person,, not the symptoms, to help you live longer and better.

We provide tailored approaches when managing and improving your overall health. With customized wellness plans, including hormone testing and regulation, medical weight loss, peptides, and IV therapy, we offer the best in primary care and functional medicine practices.

Vitality Medical and Wellness Center is a full-service family medicine practice that focuses on wellness and brings the latest prevention techniques to each person’s medical care and diagnosis, treating common issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other conditions fundamental to the health of men and women.

Your treatment is never one-and-done.

Simply reaching better health should never be your goal; your focus should be on maintaining that health. Many patients need ongoing care to stay at peak performance levels. This is why we create comprehensive health plans and consistently monitor our patients, whether they visit us for weight loss injections, hormone replacement therapy or other primary care services.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Men’s and women’s hormone levels naturally taper as they age. Certain medical conditions, stress, and genetics can expedite this process. When hormones become imbalanced, a host of problems emerge that leave you feeling sluggish, tired, or depressed and result in trouble losing weight, hair loss, and a reduced sex drive. Whatever your side effects, hormone replacement therapy can help.

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Medical Weight Loss

In addition to our medical weight loss programs, we offer in-office injections of semaglutide and tirzepatide compounded with essential vitamins and nutrients to assist in your weight loss efforts and keep you healthy and your side effects at bay. We customize your weight loss injections, consistently monitor your health, and educate you on the process so that you can see and keep your weight loss results.

IV Infusions

Getting and maintaining the necessary nutrients to keep our bodies functioning at their best levels can be challenging. Vitality Medical and Wellness Center offers a comprehensive collection of IV therapy drips to restore hydration, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. Our customizable “cocktails” can help boost your energy levels, mood, immunity, and mental clarity while reducing stress and fatigue.

.vitalitymedicalwellness-IV Infusions

How you feel on the inside should match your outward appearance.

In addition to primary care and functional medicine, we offer various cosmetic enhancements, from injectables to microneedling, that allow you to restore your youthful look and display your inner vitality.

We believe a healthy body leads to a better way of life

We offer onsite EKG, Spirometry, Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI), Body Composition Analysis, and Pap Smear testing to diagnose patients quickly and accurately. We also offer many on-site lab services to get you testing and results quickly.

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Meet Our Founder, Dr. Cristy Thomas

Since starting in family medicine, Dr. Thomas has grown and adapted Vitality Medical and Wellness Center to include holistic practices that treat the entire person, whether they want to lose weight, eliminate stress, look better, or simply feel healthy and strong. With decades of experience in functional medicine, Dr. Thomas gives all patients dedicated care and guidance to help them live their best lives.

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Our Facility

Our 3,000-square-foot facility is conveniently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving all your wellness and cosmetic needs!

Discover Comprehensive Care at Vitality Medical and Wellness Center

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