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Peptides for Tissue Regeneration in Las Vegas

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Collagen is among the most vital proteins found in our bodies. Collagen is located in our connective tissues and responsible for the health, structure, and stability of the skin, hair, muscles, and bones. When we’re young, our bodies generate a substantial amount of collagen. Unfortunately, once we hit our mid 20s, this production starts to decline. Studies have found that we produce one to two percent less collagen every year after that. It is for this reason that our skin starts to form fine lines and wrinkles, our hair starts to thin, and our bones and muscles begin to weaken.

To combat this loss, Vitality Medical & Wellness Center offers collagen peptide supplements that promote tissue regeneration, including that of joint cartilage.


What Do Peptides Do?

Our bodies produce multiple forms of collagen, including type I and type II. Both are equally important to the health and structure of our connective tissues and bones, but they target different areas.

Type I Collagen Mucopolysaccharides

Type I collagen is responsible for the health and structure of your skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones. It is this form that keeps our skin looking healthy and youthful. Without it, skin begins to age, develop lines and deep creases, and experience an overall deterioration in tone and texture. Bones and tendons also weaken over time with the decreased production of type I collagen.

Type II Collagen Peptides

Type II collagen is most often found in cartilage, joints, and bones. This type of collagen allows cartilage to provide the necessary structure to keep tissues intact, healthy, and strong.

Hyaluronic Acid

You may have seen the words hyaluronic acid written on the sides of your face creams and lotion. This is because hyaluronic acid is responsible for the elasticity and hydration of your skin, cartilage, and tendons. This, paired with type I collagen, will improve and enhance the quality of your skin.

Essential Cofactors

Additional factors, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and magnesium, help protect and activate the collagen your body creates. These essential cofactors are what puts the collagen in your body to work.


CollaGEN is a dietary supplement designed to trigger collagen and hyaluronic acid production to keep your skin, hair, muscles, and bones looking and feeling their best. CollaGEN promotes healthy tissue regeneration by stimulating the production of types I and II collagen peptides as well as hyaluronic acid and essential cofactors necessary to the health and wellness of your skin, hair, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, joints, and bone strength. This powdered dietary supplement should be taken once a day and can be added to hot or cold beverages or even baked goods. With time, you will notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin and hair and feel an increased strength in your bones, joints, and tendons.


Almost 70 percent of our cartilage is composed of collagenous protein. FORTIGEL® helps regenerate joint cartilage that has been compromised as a result of aging and overexertion. This collagen peptide supplement boosts the synthesis process of new collagen and cartilage, smoothing the joints and improving overall mobility. FORTIGEL® is ingested orally and, upon digestion, begins to accumulate in areas that have experienced significant joint stress. FORTIGEL® is a highly effective and scientifically proven solution for joint pain stemming from collagen loss, and it can have a tremendous impact on your quality of life.

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