Saliva Testing measures the levels of steroid hormones including stress hormones such as cortisol, through saliva samples. Saliva testing only measures hormones that are not bound to proteins and are usable by our cells, unlike blood testing, which measures all hormones regardless of whether our cells use them. An accurate measurement of hormone levels allow us to diagnose you properly by detecting biochemical imbalances, monitor treatment, and adjust dosage.

Hormones tested with Saliva:

  • Estrogen- Treats menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia
  • Progesterone- Enhances hormone balance after menopause
  • Testosterone- Promotes stamina, mental focus, muscle strength
  • Cortisol- Necessary for energy production, stress response, blood sugar metabolism
  • DHEA (Adrenal Glad hormone)- Necessary for energy production and disease prevention

Advantages of Saliva Testing:

  • Non-invasive and convenient for at-home tests and multiple samples
  • Accurate steroid hormone level measurements
  • Cost effective and samples are usable for up to two weeks

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