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Deal with Your Food Allergies Like a Man

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October 15, 2014 | 2 minute read

ID-100126486There’s no need to be disheartened when you find out that you are allergic to a certain food or substance. You just have to learn how to live a normal life despite your allergies. To successfully deal with your allergies to food, you may have to change your lifestyle and diet. This can be overwhelming and difficult at first, but you’ll surely get by.

Emergency Medications to Keep in Your Pocket

Strict avoidance of triggering food is the most effective way to prevent reactions. However, once a reaction occurs, you can control the symptoms by taking certain medications such as antihistamines. For severe reactions, epinephrine may be needed. Doctors usually prescribe an EpiPen and instruct patients to carry it with them all the time just in case of a reaction.

Beware of Food Allergies in Different Environments

To successfully manage your food allergy, it is important to plan in advance on know how to handle these situations. It is also helpful to read labels vigilantly. The only way to conquer one’s allergies is to find a way to avoid them. Healthcare professionals and even your family can help you create tips and mental notes when faced with such dilemma.

Sign Up for Food Allergy Testing

Here at Vitality Medical & Wellness Center, Dr. Thomas encourages patients to undergo food allergy and sensitivity testing in Las Vegas in order to determine any specific allergies you may have. It is a skin prick test that involves exposing your skin to certain food or substances to check for any allergic reactions. Your allergies will be easily identified through this test.

Know what causes your allergy reactions through food allergy and sensitivity testing! Request a consultation with Dr. Thomas today by calling us at (702) 731-1200and learn how to avoid food allergies and how to handle allergy attacks. We look forward to hearing from you!

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