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Feature: Why Am I Tired and Irritable?

Why Am I Tired and Irritable?

3 Minute ReadLiving a busy lifestyle and putting sleep as a low priority can lead to feeling exhausted and foggy-brained. In some cases, patients are fully aware of their bad habits and behaviors that lead to their irritable, sleepy feeling. Other instances of constantly feeling tired can be caused by internal processes, such as nutrient […]

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Feature: What Are the Symptoms of an Abnormal Thyroid?

What Are the Symptoms of an Abnormal Thyroid?

3 min read At any given time, the human body is delicately balancing different chemicals and processes that keep our bodies functioning properly. When these processes or chemicals enter a surplus or deficit, it can throw off the entire body and cause problems—some of which are more concerning than others. What Does a Thyroid Gland […]

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Feature: Feminine Health Through the Years
Female Procedures, Testing

Feminine Health Through the Years

As females age, they experience fluctuations in hormones and other bodily changes that can become alarming. Below is a comprehensive guide to what you should watch out for, and how Cristy Thomas DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, at Vitality Medical Wellness Center can help you treat these concerns and live a comfortable life. What Symptoms Are Common? […]

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Supplements, Testing

What Is MTHFR?

MTHFR is a genetic mutation that impairs the methylation cycle and is passed down to a child from one or both parents. Almost 50 percent of those who are tested for MTHFR have the gene, but many more suffer silently because the initial side effects are not always alarming. Sometimes the mutation goes undiagnosed because […]

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Feature: Food Allergy Sensitivity Testing

Food Allergy Sensitivity Testing

While food is essential for our survival, not all foods are nourishing for our bodies. Most people recognize the health problems associated with consuming too much sugar or fatty foods, but even healthy foods can cause issues for people with food allergies or sensitivities. With food allergy sensitivity testing, you can learn what foods to […]

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Feature: Hormone Testing
Hormone Replacement Therapy, Testing

Hormone Testing

Hormones are chemical messengers that manage many bodily functions. Balanced hormones help you maintain good health, but shifting or unbalanced hormones can negatively affect your health. Hormone testing can identify hormonal imbalances to provide insight as to whether hormone therapy to balance your hormone levels could improve your health, vitality, and quality of life. The […]

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Feature: 21 Reasons to Get More Sleep

21 Reasons to Get More Sleep

Sleep deprivation does more damage than just making you feel tired or cranky. Fatigue affects all areas of your health, including your energy, mental capacity, emotional well-being, and even your lifespan. If you’re not convinced that you might need to head to bed a little earlier tonight, here are 21 reasons to get more sleep. […]

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Feature: How Telomere Testing Can Benefit You

How Telomere Testing Can Benefit You

Have you ever wondered why you look older or younger than your friends? Even if you are the same age as another person, you both are genetically designed to age at different rates. Cellular turnover and cell regeneration play a significant role in how quickly you may age. Telomere testing evaluates the quality of your […]

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Feature: How Your Thyroid Can Affect Your Weight Loss
Testing, Weight Loss

How Your Thyroid Can Affect Your Weight Loss

For most people, their weight-loss journey is a struggle. Many find it difficult to fight food cravings, eat healthy, and get a proper amount of exercise. However, for millions of Americans, the struggle results from more than just poor motivation. According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, almost 15 million people suffer from an […]

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