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Medically Assisted Weight Loss

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August 03, 2015 | 3 minute read

medical weight lossThe weight-loss struggle is real; they wouldn’t call it battling your weight if it weren’t. It’s too common that men and women see a new diet or “revolutionary” exercise that they believe will change everything for them. However, in a couple months after starting a new program, hope quickly transforms into frustration when you don’t see the results other people are achieving. Why? You do everything right, follow the diet, and do your planks, but you still feel like you are achieving very little. The answer lies in the fact that you are copying a weight-loss program that works for somebody else, not yourself.

Every person is created with vast differences. We all have varying body compositions, hormone balances, schedules, and emotional issues to overcome. When we are all so different, why do we keep trying to battle weight loss as if we are all the same? At Vitality Medical & Wellness Center, we utilize medically assisted weight-loss programs to design custom plans to help individuals lose weight and get in shape.

What Is Medically Assisted Weight Loss?

Don’t let the term “medical” fool you. Medically assisted weight loss has nothing to do with surgery or diet pills. Instead, qualified professionals assist you in taking advantage of numerous weight-loss tools. Our health care provider-directed system is based on scientific principles that target the cause of weight gain.

Treating Hormone Imbalances

A main component of medically assisted weight loss is ascertaining if a hormone imbalance is causing your weight gain. Underactive thyroids and high cortisol levels affect the rate of your metabolism, so you burn fewer calories throughout the day. In other cases, hormone imbalances can cause depression and other emotional disorders that lead to overeating.

Breaking Food Addiction

Medically assisted weight-loss programs will also provide you with a low-calorie and safe diet that is patient-tailored to help you break the food addiction cycle. One of the main obstacles people face while trying to lose weight is food addiction. More specifically, an addiction to sugar. Overconsumption of sugar occurs in most high-calorie diets, and your body becomes reliant on this daily sugar intake. Breaking this cycle is the key to any successful weight loss story. Actual diets will vary from patient to patient depending on nutrition needs.

Is Medically Assisted Weight Loss Right for Me?

If you have struggled to lose weight and retain a healthy lifestyle, chances are medically assisted weight loss is right for you. At Vitality Medical & Wellness Center, we help people of any body type and size meet their weight-loss goals. We combine science with professional support to help you achieve results that were previously out of reach.
Don’t stay frustrated and overweight any longer. Schedule your consultation at Vitality Medical & Wellness Center today. Contact our office at (702) 731-1200, or fill out our online contact form here for more information.

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