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Dear Dr. Cristy,

I have been a patient of Dr. Cristy Thomas for over 6 years now, and have affectionately been calling her Dr. Mancheck. Because of her complete thoroughness and care for me as a patient she was able to identify a tumor that would have otherwise gone unnoticed for years. This same situation occurred with a close friend, whom is also a patient of hers, both a stroke of fortune that is credit to how passionate and and serious she is about the well being of her patients. These life-changing discoveries for both my friend and myself leaves me with nothing but wonderful compliments and praise for her as a practitioner and advocate for my health and quality of life. Her care has increased my daily love of life and appreciation for it and that gift to me has been priceless.



Kevin Wall Before Photo  Kevin Wall After Photo

The Kevin Wall weight loss story

“I’m like millions of Americans. I’m obese. I’ve been this way for decades. In late April of this year, I was sharing my weight loss frustration with a friend here at the radio station. I told Bernie I was giving up on ever losing weight. I had tried and failed countless times to lose weight. Some diet programs worked for a while but then I put the weight back on… Read the whole story

Additional Testimonials

“Was always able to lose 15 or 20 pounds just by eating less and controlling the high calorie food intake. All the sudden I turned 50 and was gaining weight and was unable to lose it the traditional way I did in the past. I continued to gain and now at 53 I found myself 50+ pounds overweight and not able to lose. I heard Dr Cristy Thomas on the local radio and decided to get some help. I started the Program set by the Dr Cristy in October 2014.

The program consisted of supplements, controlled diet and weekly visits to monitor progress. I’m pleased to say the good Dr’s program has allowed me to shed 35 pounds in only 4 months. I’m still about 18 pounds away from goal. And have all the confidence that I will reach goal weight within the next 3 months I’m really grateful for the help the doctor and her professional staff have offered me. Looking better after losing weight is nice but the bigger plus is feeling better Thanks again to Dr Cristy and her staff I haven’t felt this good in many years. If your a little overweight, little older and not feeling as good as you know you can don’t suffer any longer go to the center and regain your vitallity like I did. Happy, feeling better 53 year old satisfied patient.”


Video Testimonials