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Category: Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing

Feature: Vitality Medical & Wellness Center and a Healthier You
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Vitality Medical & Wellness Center and a Healthier You

Do you struggle to lose weight or destress your life? Are underlying health problems causing you to feel unhealthy and unhappy? Have you attempted to change your lifestyle in the past and failed? Chances are, you have been unsuccessful up to this point because you lacked proper training, diagnosis, and guidance. At Vitality Medical & […]

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Feature: Protein Powders: Myths and Facts
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Protein Powders: Myths and Facts

With America’s latest health and fitness obsession, protein powders have hit the shelves in full supply touting some amazing benefits. However, many people have no clue how to navigate through the world of unpronounceable ingredients to determine which are beneficial. Not all protein powders are created equally; different protein types have different applications and may […]

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